Monday, May 30, 2011

Matriarch of the Royal Family

I am always amazed by how lively, friendly and cheerful Queen Elisabeth of Belgium looks in later photographs. The niece of Leopold II, wife of Albert I, mother of Leopold III, and grandmother of Baudouin I lived through four reigns and many tumultuous, tragic and emotionally exhausting events, including two world wars, but never lost her passion for life.

La Reine Musicienne 

Reading with her grandson, Prince Albert of Liège, and her grand-daughter-in-law, Princess Paola.

An elfin Queen with a parrot.


Lee said...

I love those pictures; she does look very happy and lively.
I particularly like the one with her and the parrot. She had such a soft spot for birds.

Matterhorn said...

Yes, there was a real affinity there.