Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 1875: The Birth of Albert I

A few photographs in memory of my favorite King of the Belgians.

der spätere König Leopold III. von Belgien lernt Geige spielen, Crownprince of Belgium learns the violin

König Albert I. von Belgien, King of Belgium 1875 – 1934


Ella (aka Anonymous) said...

The first picture is one of my favourites!

I would love to see a picture of Albert & Elisabeth's wedding, if the pictures exist!

Matterhorn said...

I know there is one of Elisabeth as a bride-- sadly I've never been able to find one of Albert and Elisabeth together at their wedding. This engagement picture (of which there are many versions) seems to be the closest I can get.

Ella said...

Yes, I saw that one of her as a bride.
I love their engagement pictures, they look so much in love.

Christina said...

These are so lovely - thank you for posting them. I especially like the one with the violins: such a happy domestic scene and the lovely part about it is that so many similar Victorian-style photos were covers for a very unhappy domestic life but in this case the camera tells a true story. King Albert was so handsome and his integrity shows in his features. Thanks!

Matterhorn said...

You're welcome! Yes, the King had a very beautiful, noble head.

Ella said...

He was quite handsome.

I like the one with the violins as well. The sheets of music are on the floor.