Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Queen Astrid Memorial

The chapel erected in memory of Queen Astrid in Küssnacht-am-Rigi, Switzerland, the site of the tragic car accident in 1935. The Swiss government gave the land to Belgium in 1936 and the chapel is built of Belgian materials, in the style of a Walloon country church.
Coat of arms with Belgium's motto: "l'union fait la force" ("union makes for strength").
Inside the chapel. The windows illustrate different scenes from Astrid's life.
"The King's Cross," made of Swedish granite, where the Queen died in her husband's arms. In 1992, a hail storm destroyed over 2000 trees in the area, including the one the royal car had crashed into; only the stump remains.


Lucy said...

What a beautiful chapel. It looks so peaceful and just the perfect place for prayer and contemplation. Thanks Matterhorn:)

May said...

I agree, despite the tragic background there is something comforting and tranquil about the place. The Swiss government favored the building of the chapel as a "duty of piety and friendship" to enable the Belgian king to leave a lasting memorial to his wife.

Lucy said...

Well this is a splendid lasting memorial.

Renee said...

I love the cross it is so solid.

Thank you so much for supplying that information, I have heard of it.

I am very happy that your grandmother was cured.

Keep the faith.

Renee xoxo

May said...

Thank you, Renee!

God bless.