Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Romance of Leopold & Astrid

In memory of a great love.
Here, they look almost like brother and sister. Kindred souls, as Astrid's best friend, Anna Sparre, would later write...

Official wedding portrait, November, 1926. This is the civil wedding in Stockholm.
Leopold welcomes his bride to Belgium. Tragically, Astrid's arrival in Antwerp was marred by a stampede among the spectators; a number of people were trampled to death. The royal family were horrified. Astrid's father-in-law, King Albert, was furious at the insufficient security measures that had caused the disaster. The tragedy was viewed as an evil omen...

Another official wedding photograph. This is the religious marriage in Brussels.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful love story! I have really been enjoying reading through your blog archives to learn more about Astrid. She is fascinating! I especially admire her conversion to Catholicism based on her convictions. Are there good books that you would recommend about Astrid where I can learn more about this lovely and gracious lady? (Perhaps you mentioned a book in one of your posts, but I don't remember seeing any mentioned)


May said...

Juliana, thank you! Yes, she was a wonderful woman.

The best book, I think, is the one written by her close childhood friend, Anna Sparre. (as far as I know only in Swedish and French!) In French it's called "Astrid, mon amie," or "La reine Astrid, mon amie à moi" - two different editions. This is where I got alot of my information on Astrid.

I will post more names of books/sources when I get a chance:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you...I look forward to those posts! Unfortunately, I do not speak French or Swedish (have been wanting to take French lessons, but I haven't done it yet). I can't wait to read more about her.

God Bless!