Saturday, May 16, 2009

Queen Fabiola Murder Threat

The Royal Forums and The Mad Monarchist report on a letter sent last Tuesday to the Belgian newspaper, "La Derniere Heure," threatening Queen Fabiola (widow of King Baudouin I) with assassination by crossbow on the Belgian National Day, July 21. The rather incoherent letter, written in very poor French, was written using an old typewriter, and bore a stamp from the 1930's with an image of King Albert I. The author claimed to be speaking on behalf of a radical group. The case is under investigation. 

Very shocking and bizarre. I hope and pray for the safety of Queen Fabiola and the Belgian royal family.


Lucy said...

It's unbelievable. Such fabricated lies and set-up. It seems that everything goes in the world of slander...poor Fabiola.

May said...

Very sad, I hope there is no repeat of the recent Queen's Day tragedy in the Netherlands.