Monday, June 29, 2009


HERE is the website of the castle and gardens of Freÿr, along the banks of the Meuse. This magnificent place is one of Wallonia's most important cultural attractions. Named after the Norse goddess of beauty, Freÿr has a long, distinguished history; since the 1300's, 20 generations of the same family have lived here. Visitors through the centuries have included King Louis XIV of France, Archduchess Maria Christina, daughter of Empress Maria Theresa, and H.I.H. Prince Naru Hito of Japan.

The top and bottom photos are courtesy of Jean-Pol Grandmont; the three middle ones are from the Freÿr website, full of pictures, history, and humor.
The main hall (Credits: J.L. Torsin)
The dining room (Credits: B. Dupiereux)
The "King's Room" where Louis XIV stayed. (Credits: Hans Juergen Benz)

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