Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unfinished Work?

At the end of the second volume of the account of Marie-Amélie of Naples, by her great-granddaughter Princess Henriette of Belgium , I noticed the words "End of Tome I," as if there were more to come. The account breaks off in 1822, eight years before Amélie, in the turmoil of the July Revolution, became 'Queen of the French,' as the consort of Louis-Philippe. Yet, her journal continued until after she ascended the throne, so it would make sense for this account of her life, based on her journal, to proceed, at least, to that point. Yet, I have never come across any further installments of the work. Was Henriette unable to finish the project? Financial reversals, family problems, and World War II intervened, probably disrupting her work. Also, she was advancing in age and passed away in 1948, only a few years after the return of peace, so, I suppose, she would not have had much further opportunity to write. I regret, though, not being able to read more...

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