Sunday, April 25, 2010

Belgium, Separatists and the EU

HERE is an interesting discussion of Belgium's current political woes. I have to say I feel quite sorry for King Albert II. Although I would prefer it if he had taken more of a moral stand on a number of contemporary issues, he remains the legitimate sovereign of Belgium and I cannot help feeling sympathy for a man who has faced so much tragedy in his life; in his infancy, the loss of his mother, in his childhood, World War II, deportation and imprisonment in Germany, in his youth, his father's humiliation and forced abdication, and now, in his old age, incessant attacks on his family, and the threatened dissolution of his realm.


MadMonarchist said...

I feel sorry also for the Duke of Brabant. Monarchy being what it is, when their enemies are successful I tend to think of the heir as well as the monarch such as the little Dauphin in France who suffered such a horrible fate. Through no fault of their own they are punished, no matter what their parents did or did not do they are unjustly robbed of their inheritance, their birthrite. I don't know too much about the Duke of Brabant, but what I have heard I have liked. He seems to irritate all the right people -which tends to make me think he's a good man and a worthy prince.

May said...

I agree, on all points, Mad Monarchist.