Thursday, August 19, 2010

Royals en Route

Here are some terracotta statues of various Belgian royals and friends of the royal family at the Brussels Metro Stuyvenbergh. The likenesses aren't always the best, and the whole collection seems slightly depressing (or is it just my mood?) Anyway, I thought they were interesting to see. Above, we have King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth, of course, and here is Elisabeth sitting down:
I thought she looked lovely there. Now for a sculpture of King Leopold III and Queen Astrid. It is a bit grim, and not my favorite portrayal of this couple. The figures and features are alright, but the expressions seem wrong for Leopold and Astrid:
The purpose of the collection is to pay tribute to Queen Elisabeth, who spent her last years nearby, at Stuyvenberg Castle. 25 sculptures represent the great lady at different stages of her life, along with some of her nearest and dearest. I like the idea of populating the metro with works of art and I like the idea of honoring Queen Elisabeth, but somehow, it all gives me a sad feeling of transience. Yes, yes, I'm probably just being morbid...


MadMonarchist said...

The figures look well done to me but I suppose it is the setting, something about the background there that gives it a rather odd atmosphere.

May said...

Yes, it's a bit grimy.