Thursday, April 5, 2012

Albert and Leopold

Here is a photograph of King Albert I, appearing sombre but gentle, with his son and heir, Prince Leopold, his daughter-in-law, Princess Astrid, and his two eldest grandchildren, Princess Joséphine-Charlotte and Prince Baudouin. Albert's daughter, Princess Marie-José, includes the picture in her moving memoirs. Albert was always so proud of his eldest son, and it is easy to see why. Leopold shared many of his father's finest qualities. Like Albert, he was a loving husband, father, monarch and son of the Church. Like Albert, he was serious, thoughtful, keenly intellectual, conscientious and dignified. Both kings faced similar cataclysmic events with great faith and courage. Leopold, however, may also have inherited too much of his Wittelsbach mother's fiery impetuosity, leading him onto a collision course with politicians whose base maneuverings outraged him. Albert was probably more prudent. Albert's death was the more tragic; Leopold's life was the more tragic. 

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What a lovely photo!