Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Note from Cuba

A note by the Princess of Réthy from Cuba to the Duchess of Windsor is being auctioned. It offers a glimpse of Lilian's brief, but charming and witty writing style. The letter reads: "I hope you will like these little lace things which are "typiquement" Flemish! We hope to see you very soon in Europe!"

Although I have never heard that the two couples were especially close, King Leopold and his wife did go golfing with the Windsors in France. Here is a clip of such a tourney in Cannes.


rtaylor1802 said...

The two couples may have been close during the late 1940's. I remember reading this in Philip Ziegler's Edward VIII, William Collins Sons and Co., 1990.

“Among the exiled monarchs, the only one whom the Windsors saw with some regularity was Leopold of the Belgians, who had married his former mistress, the Princess de Rethy.”page 528.

Queen Mary writes in a letter to George VI, “I was grieved that Leopold of the Belgians and his wife saw quite a lot of her (the Duchess of Windsor) in the South of France lately...” page 531.

There is no mention in the book of the King and the Princess after they returned to Belgium.

May said...

That's interesting. Leopold's sister Marie-José, by the way, met with the Windsors at one point and remembered Wallis as an intelligent conversationalist, and Edward as totally under her spell.