Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Charming Vignette

A letter from Albert Einstein to his wife Elsa from 1931 describes the charming hospitality and informality of King Albert and Queen Elisabeth among their friends.
I was received with touching warmth. These two people are of a purity and kindness seldom found. First we talked for about an hour. Then [the Queen and I] played quartets and trios [with an English lady musician and a musical lady-in-waiting]. This went on merrily for several hours. Then they all went away and I stayed alone for dinner at the King's- vegetarian style, no servants. Spinach and fried eggs and potatoes, period. (It had not been anticipated that I would stay). I liked it very much there, and I am certain the feeling is mutual. (Albert Einstein: The Human Side, 1989, p. 47)

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