Saturday, June 6, 2009

Marie-Antoinette and Diana, Princess of Wales

Incidentally, I am considering posting on Diana and Queen Astrid, another pair of tragic royal women who are all too often falsely compared with one another.


Lucy said...

I can't wait for this! I love Diana most of all!

May said...

Hi Lucy:)

Did you know Astrid was the original "Queen of Hearts?" And another strange thing, apparently the tunnel in Paris where Diana was killed is near a little square called "Place de la Reine Astrid." Not to mention both car accidents occurred at the end of August, and Diana's happened almost on an exact anniversary of Astrid's death.

Both ladies were fashionable, graceful, gifted and famous for their charity work, and both died tragically young in car accidents, so they are often compared, but I do think that there are many other points in which they are not similar at I thought it would be a good topic for a post. And Elena Maria's post comparing (and contrasting) Marie-Antoinette and Diana inspired me...