Friday, July 31, 2009

Defiant Queen

A hilarious story of Dowager Queen Fabiola's humorous and brave stand against repeated death threats on Belgium's National Day.


MadMonarchist said...

That's too funny -Belgian Queen laughs in the face of danger! I am a little bit surprised that everyone else seems so surprised. Royals don't run and hide from wild threats; not even from real danger. I never saw Queen Fabiola as "dour". From what I've read she always seemed to have a good sense of humor and not take herself too seriously. In this case she probably also wanted to lighten the mood of everyone who would be worried about her. Just a way of saying, 'I'm fine, this nutter isn't going to get me down'.

May said...

I know, I always thought of her as humorous, too. A nice relief to have the day turn out so cheerfully!