Friday, July 24, 2009

Survey Results

I took down this week's poll early, as it was giving a strange error message, somehow Google was reading it as an automated malware function. I noticed the same problem with the poll at Wilson Revolution Unplugged. Some technical mix-up, undoubtedly, but I was worried Google might decide this whole site was infected with sinister software. The issue seems to be resolved at Mr. Baltzersen's blog, but now I have already taken my poll down, alas.

In any case, the question was: who is your favorite Queen of the Belgians? There were 3 total votes, all for Astrid (1905-1935), first wife of King Leopold III. I would have liked more votes, but I suspect they would have all been for Astrid. She was known to be the most beloved Belgian royal consort, the original "Queen of Hearts."


Anonymous said...

I disagree, Queen Elisabeth was by far more accomplished and beloved.
Astrid is probably more well-known due to her untimely death.

Look at QE's war record, she was so loved for her efforts.

May said...

Interesting, unusual point of view. I have always seen Astrid described as the most beloved. I agree with you though, that Elisabeth did more for the country. That is not Astrid's fault, however, Elisabeth just lived longer and had more opportunity for heroism, given that she was queen during a war.

What might Astrid have been able to do for Belgium, I wonder, if she had lived during World War II and the Royal Question? One of those eternal what-ifs.