Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Tragedy of Albert and Astrid

I knew the story all too well, of course, but still loved reading this very moving and beautifully written account of the tragic deaths of King Albert I and Queen Astrid. (Yes, how is it that one can enjoy something so sad?). The article, dating from 1939, is also interesting in illustrating the good reputation Leopold III enjoyed before World War II. The author dwells with sympathy on Leopold's sufferings and the nobility with which he bore the devastating double loss of his father and his wife: "History will keep a sad yet gallant page for Leopold III, King of the Belgians." How ironic to think that, only a year later, this same Leopold would be calumniated and reviled throughout the world as a coward, traitor and felon. Sic gloria transit mundi. RIP King Albert I, Queen Astrid, King Leopold III.


elena maria vidal said...

Unspeakably sad!

May said...

I've seen and heard this story retold over and over, yet it still shocks me every time.