Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lilian As A Child

Already a lively, mischievous beauty. In Un couple dans la tempête (2004), a popular account of the romance of Leopold and Lilian, the story is told of the five-year-old Lilian playing with matches and setting fire to the curtains (pp. 36-37). Needless to say, she earned a slap and a severe scolding!


MadMonarchist said...

Great picture! She sounds like she was work to keep track of. When I had reached the age of 5 -counting all my fingers on one hand- an old lady asked me how old I was. I proudly replied, "I'm one whole handfull". The lady said, "I bet you are".

May said...

That's funny!

She must have actually been quite a good little girl, for apparently her mother never slapped her again - until the day, about 20 years later, that Lilian told her she had secretly married the King. Meanwhile, Governor Baels hid sheepishly behind a newspaper. He had been the only one to know if it, at first, and the news really upset and worried his wife.