Friday, July 9, 2010


Astrid was not granted a long life; she was too good for this base world. But all her life, as wife, mother, and queen, and especially as she was short-lived, like our Nordic summer, was a rare and brilliant proof of the truth of the words her father addressed to her, as a twenty-year-old bride. For, throughout her whole life, she was the same person, with a heart that was pure, devoted, and frank, as she was during her childhood and youth; and she was truly loved as no human being had ever been loved on this earth. She was granted every happiness, until the moment when her young heart broke and she departed into eternity.

~Prince Carl of Sweden

Today, I am formally dedicating The Cross of Laeken and The Sword & The Sea to Astrid (1905-1935), Princess of Sweden, Queen of the Belgians. A kind reader, Aaron Davidson, once suggested I do so, since Astrid unites my two blogs - Belgium and Scandinavia. I thought it was a lovely idea. So, dear friends, when you visit this site, please remember this tragically lost queen and pray that she may rest in peace.


MadMonarchist said...

A very fitting choice, very good and proper. I have given some thought as to why Queen Astrid is still so beloved (the attractive young couple, her tragic end) but none seem sufficient to explain why her memory still captivates. There's just something about her.

Jorge said...

Hey, I think it's a very nice gesture. She was truly a unique and wonderful soul.

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