Thursday, July 4, 2013

Deer Brooches

Here is a post in French about Princess Lilian's love of deer and the hunt, illustrated by her stag-themed jewelry, such as the brooch shown above, part of a citrine parure sold at Christies in 1987. For her Silver Wedding in September 1966, Lilian's husband, King Leopold III, presented her with a diamond brooch, in the shape of a stag's head, designed by Cartier according to Lilian's wishes. This piece became her favorite brooch. She wore it for her last public appearance, in September 1993, for the 20th anniversary of the Leopold III Fund for the Exploration and Conservation of Nature. She also wore it for her daughter Esmeralda's London wedding to eminent scientist Salvador Moncada in 1998. In contrast to many other of Lilian's possessions, which were auctioned off following her death, the cherished diamond brooch remains in her family to this day.

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