Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Princess of Sweden

This appears to be an issue of a Swedish magazine dedicated to Queen Astrid from 1936. It seems to feature a testimony from Astrid's father, Prince Carl of Sweden, regarding his deceased daughter and her mother and siblings. I do not know, but it might be the same testimony quoted by Count Robert Capelle in his memoirs of his service to Astrid's husband, King Leopold III. In any case, we can see that Astrid remained a popular figure in her homeland, and that she was far from forgotten after her marriage to the heir to the Belgian throne.


Myosotis said...

You discovered this pic on my fb account of Queen Astrid I guess. I have the magazine in my possession.
If you want I can give you more information about the article inside.
Daisy account manager of the fb page Astrid van België Zweden.

Myosotis said...


I see you found the pic above on my fb page of Astrid.

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Daisy Schiettekatte
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Myosotis said...

Sorry I comment a few time the same message because I didn't saw it.
but I learned now you must agree first. Sorry Sorry Sorry
I Also wanna thank you for the links on my page by the pics you discovered. Thank you

May said...

Thank you, Daisy! It is always delightful to hear from you. If you do more information on the article this picture is from, please do let me know via the contact page.