Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It is actually quite difficult to find information on the Belgian royals' visits to the Congo. Most accounts mention these occasions only briefly. I did, however, unearth these titles:
  • Albert, King of the Belgians and Buren, Raymond. Journal de route du Prince Albert en 1909 au Congo. 2008.
  • Le Congo belge en images. 1927. (Discusses Prince Leopold's visit in 1926)
  • Crokaert, Jacques. Boula Matari: au Congo belge avec le Roi Albert. 1929.
There are also the Carnets de Voyages (1919-1983) of Leopold III which, presumably, include his notes on his African trips in 1926 and 1933. I hope in the future to be able to take a look at these (via interlibrary loans and such) but it will probably take a while!


Pilgrim said...

What sources do you use? The royal website? Propz Pilgrim

Matterhorn said...

Well, it depends. You can search on "Google Books" and there is usually a "find in a library" option. Or one can research titles via one's local library.