Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Festivities at Laeken

On August 30, the Belgian royal family hosted a garden party at Laeken to celebrate four wedding anniversaries occurring this year: King Albert II and Queen Paola (50 years), Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde (10 years), Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz (25 years) and Prince Laurent and Princess Claire (6 years). More than 200 people were invited, including 69 couples with the same wedding anniversary as the King and Queen. Sadly, the celebrations were marred by a accident. Two horse-carriages (intended to transport guests who could not walk easily) collided and four people were injured. May God grant them a speedy recovery, and every blessing to the royal couples!


Elisa said...

The King and Queen's anniversary was noted in "Royalty" magazine over the summer.

May said...

Yes, it was back in July.