Sunday, September 20, 2009

Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein

Unfortunately, I have not been able to unearth much information on Princess Margaretha, second daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and his Belgian-born consort, Josephine-Charlotte. I gather she lives a discreet, private life with her family. What I have discovered, however, seems very positive.

As I mentioned previously, Margaretha is the twin sister of Prince Jean of Luxembourg. She is the younger sister of Princess Marie-Astrid and Grand Duke Henri. As a young woman, she studied in Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In 1982, she married Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. The couple have been blessed with four children: Leopold (b. 1984), Maria-Anunciata (b. 1985), Marie-Astrid (b. 1987) and Josef-Emanuel (b. 1989). Sadly, little Leopold was born prematurely and died the same day.

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