Friday, February 27, 2009

The Royal Palace of Brussels

A photograph of the Royal Palace of Brussels by Matthias Zepper. Licensing information here.

Not to be confused with Laeken Castle (the residence of the Belgian royal family on the outskirts of Brussels), this is where the King performs his official functions. 


Lucy said...

What a splendid picture! I love it that you're adding more color to your posts- Thanks!

May said...

Thanks; it really is such a magnificent photo, I really enjoyed the contrast between the blue sky and the golden lights.

Yes, putting color into my posts is sometimes a challenge given that most of the old photos of the people I write about are in black and white or brown.

Lucy said...

Of course, that's understandable- unless they're paintings, photographs of the past are never in color...But, black and white are great as well!