Sunday, August 30, 2009

Queen Astrid and...Chocolate!

This is charming. There is a renowned Parisian chocolate company named after the beloved fourth Queen of the Belgians. It was founded in 1935 by one Mlle. Fernande Gobert, a fervent French admirer of Astrid who (like most of the world) was deeply shocked and grieved at her tragic death. Mlle. Gobert wrote an ardent letter to the Belgian court, begging for permission to use the Queen's name for her new chocolate boutique. She was allowed to do so, on condition that her products be top quality, worthy of this admirable lady. Thus, "à La Reine Astrid" was born. You can learn more and investigate the company's products HERE (the site is in French but readable in other languages via Google Translate).


MadMonarchist said...

There must be something about chocolate. There is a Canadian chocolate company named after the famous royalist Laura Secord (daughter of exiled loyalists from the US) and down Mexico way there is a popular chocolate bar named after Emperor Charles V. Now Queen Astrid joins the club.

May said...

Thanks for all the comments today! It makes my day.

Yes, perhaps chocolate somehow evokes regal excellence. It also seems somewhat suitable to me as there is a charming story of Astrid baking a chocolate birthday cake for Leopold when he visited Sweden during their engagement (for their civil wedding). She made it with Belgian chocolate though, not French, but still it seems appropriate.