Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bust of Queen Elisabeth

I think this is absolutely lovely. The text reads:
Elisabeth Gabrielle Valerie Marie, born at Possenhoven, on July 25, 1876, daughter of HRH Charles Theodore, Duke of Bavaria(1) and HRH Marie-Josephe Beatrix, Duchess of Braganza. Married on October 2, 1900 to King Albert (then heir presumptive). We know the queen's charitable role during the war. With a sweet simplicity, she busied herself with the wounded, cared for them, comforted them, presided over the creation of field hospitals (often under very difficult conditions) and supported everyone with her valiance, her smiling kindness, her constant equanimity. Wounded in her deepest affections by the tragic death of the King and of Queen Astrid, she opposes, in a most dignified retirement, a resigned stoicism to the blows of fate.
(1) His title was actually Duke in Bavaria.

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