Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Glory and Charm..."

A mini-fashion show today...I always love these old photos of Queen Elisabeth in lace dresses. In her memoirs, Princess Louise-Marie, eldest daughter of King Leopold II, recalled the "fairy-tale lace which is the glory and charm of Belgium." Some of these pictures seem almost like an advertisement for the national art! They also illustrate Elisabeth's elegance and refinement.

I especially like her grave, dignified expression in the photo above. And the hat is incredible! She often wore large hats. It was probably very fashionable but, I suppose, it also lent her extra height? Being a very petite woman, she must have needed to compensate...especially considering she had to look imposing (and balance her very tall husband) on official occasions.
A striking contrast, here, between the white dresses of Elisabeth and Marie-José and the black suits of Leopold and Charles.

This one is so tender!


Lucy said...

Absolutely beautiful post:) She's so graceful.

Brantigny said...

She is momies girl isn't she. Daughters learn best by following maman.

May said...

Marie-José did take alot after her mother, both in style and in temperament. Both were capable of great love and devotion.

Juliana said...