Sunday, March 8, 2009

Astrid On Her Wedding Day

A beautiful bride. 


elena maria vidal said...


May said...

So nice to hear from you, Elena. Thanks.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful veil-absolutely graceful.

May said...

I am reminded of something Queen Elisabeth said once (in regard to her son Leopold's life)

Tant de joie et tant de tristesse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matterhorn,

I'd like to use this picture for a book. Where did you find this picture? I hope that you can help me, so that I'm able to ask permission.



May said...

Welcome to this blog, Trey! This picture came from the Library of Congress website:

It says there are "no known restrictions" on publication, but of course, if you're using it for a book, I would double check to make sure.

I cropped and enhanced the picture a bit myself, to make it brighter, but the original should be available at that link.