Monday, March 16, 2009

King Albert Rock-Climbing

This picture is one of my favorites; the King seems so calm and steady. 


Lucy said...

I think I might add 'courageous' as well;)

May said...

That's for sure!!

Not long before he died, King Albert had a near-fatal experience, when on a climb with a group of other alpinists. A rock they were grasping started to give way.... the King, together with one of his companions, very bravely tried to keep it in place - to enable the others to get past safely.

The King and the second alpinist were nearly overpowered, however, and a third climber had to come and help them hold on to the rock. Somehow everyone managed to get past the dangerous spot. Afterwards, the rock, left to itself, crashed down and shattered in the valley below.

Strange... six months or so later, the King was killed while climbing in the Ardennes- apparently another rock collapsed.

Lucy said...

What a story! It's so frightening...death by the sport or hobby that he loved

May said...

Terrible! Poor soul.