Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Review: Trianon A Novel of Royal France

Lucy has written a beautiful review of Elena Maria Vidal's novel, Trianon. To quote: 

'It is the story of the martyred King Louis XVI and his Queen.'

Be prepared for a re-introduction to two remarkable human beings whose fate can only be compared to that of the holiest martyrs. You will forever banish any previous perceptions or accounts which you believed to be true. Be prepared to learn history as it should have been told. You will experience their life, their love, their faith, for you have never known them as you will after reading this book...Be prepared to be moved beyond belief.

This absolutely beautifully written novel details the life of the Royal couple by capturing the very essence of their being. Faith is the fiber that binds them to a relentless love for each other and their country. The book is filled with magnificent scripture that is there not for the embellishment of the story, but rather as an ever present part of their daily life. The story is told in minute details and the love, the hardship, the loyalty and the suffering are all equally intense. There isn't a part of the book that can be read lightly. It is extremely deep in terms of love, sorrow, faith, and revelation... (more)

Many thanks to Lucy for this lovely review, and, of course, to Elena Maria Vidal for the novel! 


Lucy said...

Oh Matterhorn, how kind of you. Thank you so much:)

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it!!

May said...

Thank you, Elena, for these inspiring books.